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What Happens When Stroller Creativity Gets Out Of Hand

Dan Young Creativity Stroller

At BuyBabyBuggies, we try to keep you updated on some of the newer, more sleek-looking models of strollers, carriers, car seats and more. Sometimes we like to take a look at the various other baby transportation methods in use, rarely coming across some real gems. 

Sometimes, however, we're just flabbergasted by people's creativity!

This time, our stroller search accidentally came up with these following works of art ...


AT-AT Stroller

Watch out, planet Hoth! 


Zombie Apocalypse Stroller

Escort your baby "safely" through zombie-filled ruins! The saw blade wheels were a nice touch.


So-Called "Manliest Stroller Ever"

More like the most difficult stroller to maneuver ever!


Sweetest Car!

This reminds me of my Grandpa's old black Cadillac (except with underglow)! So cute.


Land Speeder

Because the first stroller wasn't enough Star Wars! 


After seeing this fine selection of unique stroller creations, we're more than happy to offer you some more traditional items here at BuyBabyBuggies! Just follow this link and take a look!

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