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Top Rated Double Stroller Reviews: 4 Features to Look For

Dan Young Double Stroller Reviews

Double Stroller Reviews

Whether you have twins or two kids who can use a stroller(yes please) from time to time, a double stroller might be just the thing for your family.

Long trips, shopping excursions, days spent outside and many more reasons will leave you needing, not just wanting, a double stroller to get around. And if you are looking for the best options available, there are surprisingly limited options out there. Despair not; BuyBabyBuggies is here to help with the top rated double stroller reviews we thought you should know about!

Double Strollers: What You Need to Know

Double strollers are more than just two strollers built side-by-side or in tandem. They usually consist of an extra-wide chassis made to be much more durable than a typical stroller. They do, after all, need to accommodate twice the weight of a normal stroller's passengers.

These strollers also possess, of course, two separated bassinets or seats, which may be found positioned side-by-side or with one in front of the other. The style is usually a matter of personal preference, though double strollers with passengers sat one in front of the other usually make standard doorways accessible. If you plan on using the stroller to go into and out of multiple buildings, you should take the width into account.

As they are built to handle more weight than typical single strollers, double strollers may be on the heavier end of the spectrum. They typically weigh around 30 pounds.

How Should I Compare Double Strollers? 4 Features to Know

When reviewing double strollers, first make sure you know what you want. Do you want a double stroller for casual strolls through the neighborhood? Or do you want a stroller to take your two little ones with you through perhaps a crowded mall? Are you planning on trying jogging with your little companions, or just casually sauntering? If you know your goals ahead of time, you'll narrow down your choices very quickly!

Here are some noteworthy differences in double strollers which will help in your decision-making.


Double strollers all share the general purpose of transporting your two passengers. However, some are built with more specific intents in mind. For example, some strollers are built to be used while jogging, allowing you to take your babies on a fun ride through town! These typically come with sturdy tires and great shock-absorbers for bouncy roads. Other strollers, still, are built for adaptability, being useful as either a single or a double stroller as needed. These strollers typically come in an in-line form with a specially removable bassinet in front.


Just as with regular strollers, double strollers have varying weights. Some reduce weight by lowering the number or size of their wheels. Others use a reliable yet minimal frame design to keep the weight down. At any rate, you should be sure you can lift your stroller when necessary. Also, remember that heavier strollers have more momentum and are typically more difficult to stop.

While keeping their chassis weight in mind, remember that you may be transporting around 70+ pounds of toddler in these strollers. Moving these may end up being a workout, so remember to stay strong when purchasing a double stroller!


Absolutely essential to remember with double strollers is that they typically do not fit through small-sized door frames. You will have difficulty if you plan on navigating narrow walkways or doors with a full-sized double stroller. Some strollers are specifically made with in-line seating to make this less of an issue, though they are sometimes hard to find. Typical double-stroller width is around 30 inches. Sometimes, this is hard to manage even with a wide enough door, if you have to make an immediate turn. It is best to plot your paths prior to a double stroller purchase.

Miscellaneous Features

Can your double stroller of choice easily adapt to car seats? Does it include a large canopy to help your little ones get some privacy or shut-eye? How far do the seats recline? What colors does it come in? There are a few random features which may or may not be important to you and your little one. If you choose carefully, you can be happy with a single double stroller for however long you'll need one.


BuyBabyBuggies’ Double Stroller Reviews

We’ve selected our top four double stroller models to give you deeper insights and comparisons of features. Hopefully, this will help you find exactly what you need!


Tike Tech City X3 Double Swivel Stroller

Tike Tech X3 City, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The Tike Tech City X3 Double Swivel Stroller is a great option for a double stroller. It has a three-wheeled design, a sleek appearance, and comfy space for your two passengers. So, how does it compare to other double strollers?

Purpose - Our Best Double Stroller for City Use

The Tike Tech City X3 is made for casual strolling through, you guessed it – a city landscape. It was built to fold quickly for on-the-go city dwellers. The handlebar is comfortable to hold, and it comes with a pair of parking brakes on the rear wheels to keep your little ones in place during brunch. The 12 inch front and back wheels make for a relatively smooth ride, but they are not built for off-road excursions. The seats recline in multiple angles, and it comes with a multi-positional canopy and moon roofs. Perfect for calming a fussy pair of night owls!


The Tike Tech City X3 is pretty usual in weight. It chimes in at about 31.5 pounds without passengers. If you remove the wheels (which is incredibly easy with a button) for storage, the chassis only weighs 22 pounds. Yes, those wheels are heavy; they support up to 100 pounds of passenger!


While some strollers may be smaller, a width of 30 inches for a double stroller is not bad or unusual. This guarantees your little ones will have plenty of elbow room and you’ll be able to manage navigating most large door frames. However, if you live in a house with smaller doors, or shop some place older in design, this width might be a bit more than you can work with. Take note, however, that the three-wheel design is helpful with this stroller. It narrows slightly towards the front, giving this stroller greater maneuverability than most. As well, it’s more likely to sit evenly on uneven surfaces than standard four-wheel strollers.

Miscellaneous Features

Tike Tech City X3 adustable seats, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

So what else does the Tike Tech City X3 have going for it? It includes infant car seat compatibility, for one. Also, the suspension makes for a really smooth ride, even in more brickwork-laden sidewalks. The removable wheels take three inches off the folded height of this stroller, which helps immensely when shoving it into a car trunk. The one-touch recline for independent seats, and the ability to reverse the seats it wanted, is great for particularly fussy babies. This stroller is a delight to push, and you and your little ones can enjoy strolling all day.


StrollAir My Duo Double Stroller

StrollAir My Duo, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The StrollAir My Duo Double Stroller is another double stroller present on BuyBabyBuggies. It sports the four-wheel design, it’s cute, and it’s very adaptable. Here’s how it compares to the other double strollers.

Purpose - Our Best Full-Package Double Stroller

StrollAir My Duo seats, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The StrollAir My Duo is a full-package stroller. While some doubles strollers may just be two seats on wheels, this stroller includes two seats, two hoods, two foot covers, 2 front bars, 2 mosquito nets, 2 rain covers, a shopping basket, and a diaper bag. Whew! The My Duo car seat adaptor works with a wide variety of car seats, the seats can be positioned forwards, backwards, and reclined, and the handle and footrests can be adjusted.


The StrollAir My Duo weighs a mere 26 pounds with wheels, seats, and hoods. This is considerably lighter than many other double strollers. A few pounds can often make the difference in getting the stroller back into a car or house, especially after a long stroll. We appreciate that, even at such a low weight, this stroller is still of such high quality!


Coming in at a little under standard double stroller width, the My Duo is 29 inches wide. This extra inch may not sound like much, but again, it can make all the difference in the right situations. Navigating narrow shopping isles or abnormally proportioned doors can leave many double stroller users wishing they had gone with a model like this!

Miscellaneous Features

With the other benefits of a slightly smaller weight and width accounted for, why else should you consider the StrollAir My Duo? Well, for one thing it’s folded size is particularly small for a double stroller. At 29x28x11 inches, it’s much easier to store when folded than you’d expect. And of course, the wheels are easily removed with the push of a button. The packaged accessories are quite a relief, as you won’t have to go searching for extra covers, diapers bags, mosquito nets, or more after purchase. And, although the wheels are relatively small compared to the Tike Teck models, this StrollAir product does include four-wheel suspension for comfy rides.


Tike Tech X3 Sport All Terrain Double Stroller (Out of Stock!)

Tike Tech X3 Sport, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The Tike Tech X3 Sport All Terrain Double Stroller is incredibly similar to the Tike Tech City X3 Double Stroller mentioned earlier. It sports the three-wheel stroller design and a sleek look, just like its sister stroller. As you can guess from its name, however, it does have its place in the world. In fact, it's an extremely popular model.

Purpose - Relatively Lightweight Double Jogging Stroller

The X3 Sport All Terrain is specifically designed with joggers and hikers in mind. If you want to get into shape while giving your little ones a quick ride, this is the perfect stroller for you! It comes with a sturdy, responsive suspension and a front wheel with adjustable tracking, getting you where you need to be as smoothly as possible. You’re provided many options if you want to extend this stroller as well. There are optional car seat adapters, bug covers, travel cases, foot muffs, water bottle holders, and seat linings for those interested.


The Tike Tech X3 Sport weighs about 31.5 pounds with wheels and seats. It’s only marginally heavier than the average double stroller. This weight can be attributed to the extra large, 16 inch wheels used to give the stroller its characteristically smooth ride. We honestly think the smooth ride would be worth 16 inch wheels in more strollers! Nothing is quite as impressive as your little one falling asleep on a jog.


Tike Tech Sport X3 Folded, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The X3 Sport is the standard 30 inches wide for a double

stroller. Again, the three-wheel design helps the maneuverability of this stroller, but the 30-inch width will still hold you back in some door frames or narrow corners. On a side note, it’s actually pretty tall at 41 inches height, which makes for more comfortable pushing at a jog.

Miscellaneous Features

Impressive shocks and large wheels make for a comfortable quick-paced ride for your passengers. The independent seats and canopies do not have as many options for positioning, when compared to other double strollers. However, the comfortable push, smooth ride, available accessories, and quick-fold design make this a good stroller even when not used on a jog.


Zooper Tango Smart Double Stroller

Zooper Tango Smart, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The Zooper Tango Smart Double Stroller is pretty much exactly what everyone thinks of when they are told to imagine a “double stroller.” It looks exactly like a stroller stretched out to accommodate two seats. This stretched-out look, however, is completely functional and actually quite charming.

Purpose - Best Stroller for the Multitasking Parent

Zooper Tango Smart Back, BuyBabyBuggies Double Stroller Reviews

The Zooper Tango Smart Double Stroller was designed to assist parents surprised by their new little ones’ simultaneous existence. It comes with extra storage, a big utility basket, car seat fastenings, and various other features. Its relatively tiny wheels all come with independent suspension for a smooth ride for your duet, and the push is designed for single-handed strolling. The one-handed full recline, one-handed strolling, and one-foot braking make this stroller great when you’re multitasking.


The Zooper Tango Smart weighs the standard 30 pounds total. It also supports 50 pounds per seat. The hardy fabrics and extra storage are likely the cause of the additional weight, though it is a trade off more than worth it in many cases!


At a standard 30 inch width, the Zooper Tango Double Stroller does not stand out from the others in size. It is, however, rather square at the base, being 30 inches wide by 32 inches deep. This makes corners a little trickier than with three-wheel designs.

Miscellaneous Features

The Zooper Tango Smart’s one-step rear link brake a great convenience, letting you halt the stroller with a single press instead of stopping each wheel. It may not sound like much, but it’s great when you’re in a rush to clean up a sudden messy passenger! Single-handed features will be your favorites once you have your hands full with two babies or a baby-toddler combo.

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