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Nuna Tavo Stroller Review: The top 5 Features

Dan Young Nuna Tavo


Nuna always produces a great product and has several top-of-the-line strollers to offer. The Nuna Tavo stroller is just one of their superb offerings, and we want to highlight some helpful information about it, just for you!  In this review of the Nuna Tavo Stroller we try to illustrate why we like this stroller and how it has set its self apart from the competition.  


Below are several of the benefits of the stroller:

Travels Well - This is Nuna's lightest stroller coming in at around 24 lbs.  Plenty easy to pick up and move around, my 2 year old is about 25 lbs and I pick him up all day long, so I am use to the weight by now.  It also folds up nicely while on the go.  Need extra room?  Even after it folds up you can also remove the wheels for even more room.

Spacious - The Tavo provides extra storage for you, underneath in the basket.  While also providing plenty of space for your child to be safe and comfortable.

Quick Click Harness - The adjustable harness provides both easy adjusting and maximum safety while your child is strapped in.

Dream Drape Shade - The Tavo includes extra shade and protection with the Nuna Dream Drape.  This extends lower to protect from sun, wind, or any other elements.

 Nuna Tavo Dream Drape


Extra features - Lockable front swivel wheels to keep the stroller going straight on bumpy roads, easy removable wheels for storage, removable infant insert.



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