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Nuna Stroller Review: Mixx, Tavo, Pepp, and Ivvi

Dan Young Nuna Stroller Review

Nuna Stroller Reviews


Here at BuyBabyBuggies, we offer a broad selection of Nuna products. Nuna is a relatively young company, founded in 2007, which started off selling high chairs. Their offerings have quickly spread to strollers and car seats. Nuna’s strollers are particularly noteworthy, each model being unique and charming in its own way. The Pepp, Tavo, Ivvi, and Mixx are among our favorite stroller models. Since we believe Nuna stroller reviews will be helpful, let's start with a Nuna Pepp review.


1. Nuna Pepp Stroller Review

Nuna Pepp Navy Image


While the other Nuna strollers are far from large, the Nuna Pepp is actually quite small. Being the smallest of the bunch, it fits when fitting it counts. The small size does not detract from its weight limit, and it can still be used by kids up to 50lbs. I still can’t get over that it’s less than 32 inches wide, folded or not! This small frame, along with the responsive wheels, makes the Pepp very maneuverable. As well, its folded size fits into most smaller-sized car trunks.

Nuna Pepp Folded


Being significantly smaller in size, the Pepp’s frame weighs much less as well. At only 20lbs, the Pepp, when folded, is easily carried around as needed; well, more easily than most, at least! This is almost five pounds lighter than any other Nuna stroller, and significantly lighter than other strollers on the market. It makes moving the stroller into and out of your car much more manageable. And after a few weeks of carrying baby, 20 lbs of stroller will be much more doable!


Nuna knows not to leave its shoppers hanging, so they’ve included a decent-sized storage basket on their Pepp. It’s only able to hold up to 10 lbs, and it’s not super-spacious, but it sure is a life-saver! Where else can you store baby’s (or toddler’s) favorite stuffed animal when it’s snooze-time? It’s also a great place to store its accessories, especially those you'll need in case of unexpected inclement weather.

Nuna Pepp Basket

Brakes and Restraints

Nuna belt restraint systems are 3- or 5-point, with “quick release” buttons for convenience (and convenient it is!). All the belts unbuckle at once, so if you only need to make a small adjustment, this may be a small annoyance. Otherwise, it's completely functional. The parking brake system is a single central pedal. Pepp's is well-rounded and, compared to some strollers, comfortable to work with your foot, even in flip-flops. We consider this a noteworthy “plus!” And speaking of brakes, don’t forget that this Pepp model can be paired with the Nuna Pipa car seat!

Weather Tolerance

Important to note is the lack of all-weather seat on the Pepp. It’s not meant to endure the elements, as is normal for most strollers, so this one should not be left in the rain. At the very least, and while it is not included with the stroller purchase, you can buy the rain cover accessory that makes rainier environments much more hospitable. If you’re looking for a more weather-resistant build, the Ivvi has that aspect covered.

Nuna Pepp Durable Wheels

Comparison of Models

In comparison with the other Nuna strollers, the Pepp has a compact fold unlike the Ivvi, but not the reversible seat. Like the Mixx, the standard model does not include the Nuna “Dream Drape™”, but comes with the standard extendable canopy. There is a Dream Drape™ edition of the Pepp for those looking to encourage nap time. The Mixx and Ivvi sport all-terrain tires, while the Pepp does not. Unlike the Tavo, you can get a footmuff and seat liner to match your Pepp. Also, as of the point of this review, the Pepp comes in “Blackberry” style – a lovely purple shade we find charming and unavailable in the other stroller models. Nuna Pepp's size is admirable, and it surely makes for more comfortable elevator rides!



2. Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

Nuna Mixx Basil


Compared to other Nuna strollers, the Nuna Mixx is relatively mid-sized. The Mixx is the tallest of the four strollers, topping the Pepp by about 3 inches; the strollers are all very similar in height. It is significantly shorter than the Ivvi, though; around 9 inches shorter length-wise. This renders it quite a bit more maneuverable than the Ivvi, but still less than the Pepp. If you're familiar with strollers already, you know 9 inches can mean all the difference in many corners! Somehow, it still has a pretty compact fold of nearly 3'x2'x1.3'. It also may be used by kids up to 50lbs.

Nuna Mixx Folded


The Nuna Mixx weighs a bit more than the Pepp. Chiming in at about 25 pounds without its canopy, the Mixx still has a manageable carry weight. However, this gives the Mixx the title of second most heavy Nuna stroller model. Again, it's not comfortable to tote around for long periods, even when folded. Let's assume you'll only be carrying it into and out of your car, some stores, or places of residence. In this case, the weight is more than acceptable.


Just like with the Pepp, Nuna included a good-sized storage basket on their Mixx. Also like the Pepp, it's only able to hold up to 10 lbs, and it’s not super-roomy. It's still incredibly helpful, and where else can you store your little one's wide selection of favorite on-the-go toys? It’s also a great place to store Mixx accessories, like its included rain cover (or the bumper bar if it's getting in the way!).

Nuna Mixx Basket

Brakes and Restraints

The brake pedal on the Mixx is fine and dandy. Press down and back to lock the wheels, and press forward to unlock them. The front swivel wheels may be locked in a forward position, which is great when you're trying to park the Mixx on an very uneven surface; this, however, is a notable feature for the other Nuna models as well.

Weather Tolerance

Mixx purchases come with a rain cover, but it definitely does not have an all-weather seat. You'll want to take care not to expose it to the elements while you're escaping the rain with your little one!

Nuna Mixx Rain Cover

Comparison of Models

In comparison with the other Nuna strollers, the Mixx is a 5-position recline model, including a reversible seat, giving your little one plenty of options for relaxing travels. The handle also adjusts to three heights, giving you more comfort as the driver! The Mixx does not include the Nuna “Dream Drape™”, but comes with the standard extendable canopy. It sports all-terrain tires, unlike the Pepp; they're filled with foam and not air and can take a beating. It also has a decent selection of accessories, including a dual seat liner and footmuff. Mixx stroller colors come in four flavors: Mykonos (vibrant blue), Slate (dark gray), Caviar (black), and Basil (light gray).




3. Nuna Tavo Stroller Review

 Nuna Tavo Stroller


Compared to other Nuna strollers, the Nuna Tavo is pretty small. It won't win any competitions for smallest stroller, but it is definitely acceptably roomy. Every parent quickly learns how important "wiggle room" is, so you'll get more of that with the Tavo than with the Pepp. Like the others, it also may be used by kids up to 50lbs.

Nuna Tavo Folded


The Nuna Tavo weighs a little over 24 lbs without the canopy or arm bar. Again, this is nothing special compared to the Pepp, and it is at the very least manageable. It is the second-lightest Nuna model.


The Nuna staple storage basket is present again, and perfect for holding your and your little one's goodies. It also has a pocket, but the combined weight of stored items is still 10 lbs max. Still, standard storage such as this is incredibly underrated in strollers.

Brakes and Restraints

The brake for the Nuna Tavo is similar to the Mixx. Use your foot to push it down to lock the back wheels. Use your foot to push it forward to release the lock. As with other models, the restraints in the Nuna Tavo are a 3- or 5-point belt system with a quick release.

Nuna Tavo Restraints

Weather Tolerance

The Tavo does not come with either an all-weather seat or a rain cover. However, a rain cover may be separately purchased. As with the Mixx and the Pepp, the Tavo is not very well suited to harsh weather, so it must be treated accordingly.

Comparison of Models

Nuna Tavo DrapeIn comparison with the other Nuna strollers, the Tavo is meant to be a middle-of-the-road model in terms of options. It comes with a 4 position recline and a Dream Drape™ for darker, more comfortable snoozing. Although the seat is not reversible as it is in the Mixx, Tavo comes with native support for the Pipa car seat, without needing adapters. The car seat is attached with a simple "click." The Nuna Tavo comes with an adjustable handle as well. As of the time of writing, the Tavo also comes in a variety of flavors, including Caviar (black), Mykonos (vibrant blue), Aluminum (gray), and Poppy (red, which looks fantastic!).




4. Nuna Ivvi Stroller Review

Nuna Ivvi Stroller


Compared to other Nuna strollers, the Nuna Ivvi is large. Offering a couple additional inches of width space over the Mixx, the Ivvi is actually quite spacious for its passengers. It is also the longest and second tallest Nuna stroller model. Like the others, it also may be used by kids up to 50lbs.

Nuna Ivvi Folded


The Nuna Ivvi weighs nearly 30 lbs (and that's without the winter seat insert, canopy, or arm bar). This is by no means light, and it is the heaviest of the Nuna stroller models available. Being 50% heavier than the Pepp, the weight comes from additional built-in features and the extra space provided by the frame. If you are using the Ivvi in winter, note that it will be that much heavier. However, the seat insert must be removed before folding anyway.


The Nuna storage basket is back, and still has the 10 lbs cargo weight limit. It is marginally easier to access than other models due to the wider frame of the Ivvi.

Nuna Ivvi Storage

Brakes and Restraints

The brake for the Nuna Ivvi is similar to the Mixx. Push it down to lock the back wheels, and push it forward to unlock them. As with other models, the restraints in the Nuna Tavo are a 3- or 5-point belt system with a quick release. There's nothing special to note about these features compared to the Tavo or Mixx. It of course supports the Pipa car seat, just as with the other models, though the ring adapter is a separately-sold accessory.

Nuna Ivvi Foam Filled All Terrain Tires

Weather Tolerance

The Ivvi comes with an all-weather seat; perfect for the slightly more randomly precipitous climates! As well, it comes with a rain cover, so of course your little one won't be left out in the rain! It's pretty easy to just plop the rain cover over the stroller, so you shouldn't get frustrated by it in a pinch either.

Comparison of Models

In comparison with the other Nuna strollers, the Ivvi is the largest and sports the most features. Foam-filled all-terrain tired, sleep-encouraging Dream Drape™, all weather (and reversible!) seat, and a wide assortment of accessories make it an formidable stroller. The handle adjusts to six positions (double that of the Mixx). Four modes of transport give your passenger the gift of variety, the spice of life. These features come with additional weight, and as such it is a heavier, slightly less maneuverable stroller. As of the time of writing, the Ivvi also comes in a three colors, including Caviar (black), Safari (gray), and Ruby (red).


 Nuna Lineup


If you’re looking for a small, comfortable, and charming toddler transport, take a look at the Pepp!  It comes in at a very reasonable price too and it’s a chic stroller by which we are not disappointed.

If you seek a stroller with plenty of accessory options and the largest available space for your young one, the Ivvi is a superb choice.

If you need a middle ground between luxurious passenger space and a tight fold, as well as ease of use, check out the Mixx. The various recline positions are perfect for picky passengers who need a nap on the go or want to see all of the action front and parent facing.

For a great mobile sleeping environment for your toddler with many of the features of the Ivvi and Mixx, the Tavo is an great alternative.  It is extremely stylish and lightweight.


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