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Best Jogging Stroller

Dan Young Best Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Stroller, GB X1 Urban Runner

Whether you're just looking to get some fresh air or aiming for post-pregnancy weight loss, jogging is a great way to reach your goal. Of course, you can't leave baby behind while you go for a run. Jogging strollers are here for you! At BuyBabyBuggies, we've been keeping an eye out for the best jogging stroller, and we think you and yours will be pleased with what we've found!

What's Important in the Best Jogging Strollers?

The best jogging strollers around have similar traits. These may help smooth baby's ride or ease driving of the stroller. What are these traits, you ask? Here's a quick list of what you should look for in a good jogging stroller.


The best jogging strollers come with shock-absorbers. These make for a less bumpy ride for your young one. Good shock absorbers are essential in jogging strollers, as hitting bumps faster will make the stroller bounce harder (unless, of course, you're jogging at about 70 miles per hour!).

Light Weight

If you're going jogging, odds are you'll appreciate having less weight to push. The best jogging strollers are going to be light weight. Lighter frames are also more gentle on the shock absorbers in bumps, so these strollers may also last longer if treated right.


Often overlooked in ordinary strollers, brakes are essential in jogging strollers. The best jogging strollers will come with hand brakes to ensure you can stop your stroller and baby quickly if need be. That said, another essential, but standard, feature in jogging strollers is the belt restraint system. Be sure your child is adequately buckled up for every jog!


When we say adaptability, we know new parents are always met with new challenges. A standard jogging stroller may seem perfect for you for some time. Then you may realize it does not support a car seat, or that it does not fold up. The best jogging strollers will be easily transported, and may even include car seat support for additional baby transit options. Keep an eye on these features, as they could mean the difference between happy jogging trips and a frustrating purchase!


What's the Best Jogging Stroller at BuyBabyBuggies?

We've offered several brands of jogging strollers here, and we've picked one jogging stroller as our favorite. This said, we still believe our other stroller offerings are quality purchases worthy of a chance, and your satisfaction may vary!

The GB X1 Urban Runner Jogging Stroller

GB X1 Urban Runner Jogging Stroller, best jogging stroller

Perhaps you live in a city with some very uneven sidewalks. Or perhaps you live in a rural location with dirt and gravel paths for miles. Maybe you're somewhere in-between, your family surrounded with all different types of walkways and trails. Wherever you live, no matter the path, the GB X1 Urban Runner will get you and your child where you want to go!

Quality Shocks

GB X1 Urban Runner Jogging Stroller shocks

Like all good jogging strollers, the GB X1 Urban Runner did not forget the shock absorbers! The shocks are unique in design, being flexible and super absorbent. It will handle those inconsistencies in sidewalks like they're nothing at all! The large wheel size also makes for a smoother ride for your young one.

Surprisingly Light Weight

GB X1 Urban Runner folded

The Urban Runner only weighs around 28 pounds, which is decently light for a stroller of this build quality. It's actually the lightest in its class! Most compact strollers are just a few pounds lighter. It's also relatively narrow; perfect for navigating those small dirt trails while on hikes!

Comfortable, Convenient Hand Brake

GB X1 Urban Runner Handbrake

As expected, this model also comes with a hand brake for easier stopping. It comes as a bar crossing in front of the handle, in a comfortably reachable spot for your fingers to wrap around. This brake will, of course, stop the back wheels pretty well in a pinch. And yes, there is a five-point belt system to restrain your baby if you need to use that brake.

GB Asana 35 DLX sold separately

It Is Adaptable!

One of the best parts about the GB X1 Urban Runner is the compatibility with the GB Asana 35 DLX Car Seat. The car seat is sold separately, but it is a life-saver in terms of convenience! Using the car seat renders this jogging stroller an overall impressive travel system that will not disappoint while on the go. It also folds to a decently small shape; the smallest in its class, to be exact.



Sporting all of these features which make for the best jogging stroller, and excelling in just about every way, the GB X1 Urban Runner is our pick for best jogging stroller here at BuyBabyBuggies. We're sure you'll love an Urban Runner of your own!

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