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Valco Baby Snap Duo Tailor Made Double Stroller

QC Cielo Double Stroller Valco Baby Stroller

It’s double the fun, double the size, but...lighter!

Baby strollers, by far, is one of the best inventions that is noted for the great comfort it aids parents with day to day living. But finding the best stroller that suits both parent’s and baby’s needs could be quite a challenge as there are a lot to choose from. From features, to dimensions, to aesthetics, all of these things to consider can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

Fortunately, Valco Baby have been serving parents with the latest and greatest of baby strollers over the years. And their newest offering: the Snap Duo Tailormade Stroller. It's double the size, double the fun but LIGHTER! And guess what? It's probably the only stroller you will ever need!

Expecting twins? Multiple children? No problem! This one could be the ideal double stroller for you! Take a look at the long list of features of this smart and functional double stroller. You could even swap the wheels with all-terrain wheels and voila, you now have an all-terrain double stroller, without having to buy one! Not to mention that it is only 24 lbs! Now that is amazingly lightweight, since most single strollers in the market weighs more than that! 


Everything here is DUObled. With larger canopies that are fully adjustable with peek a boo windows. Bigger storages. Wider seats. The list goes on: easy steering, smooth push, seats recline independently and it's undeniably stylish! With a built in trademark that folds in a SNAP! Of course its only from Valco Baby. 

Over the years of designing and creating in the juvenile industry, this innovative company have built a name of high quality products that continue to amaze and serve families well all over the world. Don't miss being a part of the Valco Baby family!


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